How to stop working for your business


How to stop working for your business

I’ve always been fascinated by systems that are set up well once, and which then keep running with minimum maintenance required.

Basically, machines…

(Now, in case the word machine conjurs up for you something big, loud, and greasy, like a locomotive engine, let’s immediately replace that with something small, beautiful, and slick … just think of an iPhone. There…)

With machines, the better the engineering the less maintenance is required for success.

If you’ve been coming to the monthly Small Business Growth Summits, you understand that your business should be such a system.  A machine that had been planned out and engineered with precision. You only have to check on your business occasionally to make small adjustments.


You’re likely unhappy with your business right now!

Not with the business idea itself; that you’re in love with, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to make it work.

What you’re likely unhappy with is your own role in your business. You want the machine to run well, but you had hoped it’d be running on its own by now, without you putting 60-80 hours a week into it.

Instead of you owning the business, by now the business owns you…

And so you’re no longer the entrepreneur that once pursued freedom, but a slave to your business.

I couldn’t be more excited about next week’s SBGS topic:

“Transform Your Business to Support Your Ideal Life” (Thursday, Sept 14, 2017)

And, our presenter is Ryan Chapman, who I consider to be Mr. Business-Success-Automation himself.

Ryan is a first-rate direct-response marketer and business strategist who has created a number of profitable businesses since 2006. His first business after he discovered the power of marketing automation, went from zero to $1.3 million in just 12 months. Today he and his brother currently run 4 different businesses. Their company, Fix Your Funnel, is now the go-to place for Infusionsoft marketing integrations and mobile/SMS solutions.

You don’t want to miss this: It just might be your get out of “business jail” free card!

Details and RSVP here

PS: If you’ve never attended before: Let this be your first one. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be pitched and neither is there going to be a pressure for you to “network.” We’re all just Tucson business owners who come together monthly … in order to stay out of “business jail”!

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