Copyblogger: Should You Publish Guest Blog Posts on Your Website?

Copyblogger: Should You Publish Guest Blog Posts on Your Website?

There are many good reasons why you should be guest blogging yourself on other blogs popular in your niche. How about accepting guest posts on your own blog? Stefanie Flaxman at Copyblogger offers 15 questions you should ask when deciding:

When you first create a content-driven website, the platform may just be an outlet for your own writing, as you educate readers who are interested in learning about your area of expertise.

But as time goes on and you’ve built authority and an audience, you have an opportunity to offer your readers a new experience.

You may want to expand the type of content that you publish by bringing in other voices to your digital publication.

Here are 15 questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not you should publish guest blog posts on your website:

  1. Will content from other writers help my audience learn more about the topic I teach?
  2. How can I produce more value for my audience?
  3. What topics would I want guest writers to cover?
  4. Could new content from other writers expose my website to a wider audience?
  5. Would I be able to offer writers more exposure?
  6. Am I able to offer guest writers any financial compensation for articles I publish?
  7. Am I looking for established experts or simply other perspectives?
  8. Will I publish writers’ drafts, or will I edit guest blog posts?
  9. Should writers format their articles to fit my publication’s style before they submit them?
  10. What rules will I have regarding hyperlinks in guest blog posts and author bios?
  11. Should I set a word count limit?
  12. Am I looking for text blog posts only or other types of media, such as infographics, SlideShares, or audio content?
  13. Will I allow writers to submit images to accompany their articles?
  14. What process will I establish for collecting and reviewing guest blog post submissions?
  15. Are there certain types of content I won’t publish, and why?

Your website represents your business, and your editorial standards will help ensure that your publication reflects well on your organization.

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